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Week end trekking and culinary plants and night in a tipi (teepee) fire cooked evening meal in France, french Alps of Haute Savoie Mont Blanc.


Offer a return to feeder nature the one weekend time. Learn how to recognize the forgotten medicinal and culinary plants and to make use of it to prepare our meal. The evening, in true Indian Tipi, discover the receipts of formerly, cooked with the wood fire in an environment out of time. You deaden, rocked by the crackling the wood fire. In the early morning, roast your slices of bread on fire for the breakfast!

Make the experiment of the true tastes of nature!!



Reception of the group and briefing on the course of the weekend.

Departure for your excursion, picnic for lunch. While crossing the mountain pastures, you will discover the mountain medicinal and culinary plants and will collect those which will accompany your dinner. You will arrive in end of the afternoon the tipi, facing with the Aravis mountain range, place which will

ensure you a fantastic sunset!!! Aperitif served in the quiet mountain and joint preparation of the evening meal (soup, grills...). By night, if the sky is clear, you will learn how to read an astronomical chart the head in stars. The call of the

sleeping bag being made hear, each one will fall asleep rocked by the

crackling fire.


Hot breakfast prepared with the trapper's method, in the way to take forces for this day of excursion devoted to the fauna and the flora of the mountains.


The tipi is the nomadic settlement of the Indians of the

plains is a fresh residence in summer, warm in winter.

By its form, its proportions, the emotion which it causes, the cordial atmosphere

that it gets, the tipi offers a magic immersion in nature and an exceptional experiment to divide in family or with friends!

Its interior bathes in a soft light which falls from the chimney and that

diffuses the translucent walls. It is place of a roomy, comfortable and solid life, which resists perfectly the attacks of the high winds, and the pouring rain.

It gets the single impression to be at the same time under a robust shelter and in contact with the external world, the noise of the wind, the rain, the snow or the glare of the sun.

The tipi is before a whole space with living supporting the communication and the exchange.


You are guided by a bilingual graduated mountain leader, who's impassioned by the mountain life botany and the life of the American Indian trappers.


The guide, according to the weather and the shape of the group, will choose your route, and will be able to decide to modify it if necessary. You will eat and sleep in a tipi heated thanks to a well heavy wood fire which will bring to you the one night comfort repairing and safety to sleep with dryness.


Assured departure from 4 people.

The group is limited to 9 people maximum, in order to ensure user-friendliness and comfort in the tipi.


You will evolve/move in mountain, in spring. The climate can be rigorous, take hot clothing, do not hesitate to ask us advises!

Possibility of making dry wet clothing (socks, tee-shirt...) near fire.


The mountain pastures of les Carroz, facing with the Aravis mountain range, will offer you a single expatriation with the heart of a preserved and wild nature.


Trousers, shorts, a track suit to sleep, 2 pairs of socks including one "with ringlets" or "double layers" against the bulbs with the feet, a thick polar fur, a thin polar fur, two tee-shirt, under complete clothing of replacement to be to the heat and dryness the evening, a jacket wind-cutter and impermeable standard GORE TEX, a pair of swat (optional), a hat (optional), a headlamp, a

knife, a water-bottle, sunglasses, sun lotion + lipstick, personal drugs, your camera, a toilet bag and a small personal pharmacy.

With the feet, a good pair of shoes of already ground excursion

- A big water-bottle (2 litters)

- To also envisage standard energy drinks and food

In the heading the weight is the enemy", here of the advises to gain a few hundred grams

Toilet bag : (small "Tuperware limps" for example)

Attention does not have water in a tipi!!!

But a source of fresh and drinkable water is at proximity.

- Soap format "hotel" is enough one evening

- A tube of toothpaste started 3/4 will make the deal

- A small towel (for two) is enough amply and dries more quickly

- A brush with teeth, etc. - Toilet paper (for two) and handkerchiefs

Pharmacy : in more of your personal drugs, you provide with material against the bulbs:

- Elastoplast (a roller) protective fabric sold in pharmacy under the name of second skin

- A small wire, scissors, switches

- For the sun, cream and labial stick


Envisage a comfortable rucksack for your effects of the day (capacity of 50 litters minimum, to be able to put bulky clothes at it such as polar jacket or Gore-Tex). It is necessary to envisage a little place to transport a picnic and energetic food.


A 2 to 3 hours of walk the first day, 3 to 4 hours the second. Excursion in mountain pastures of average altitude not presenting particular technical

difficulties. Make uneven lying between 200 and 400 meters per day.


Saturdays 10 am in front of the office of the tourist bureau of Les Carroz


Sunday towards 16H30 in Carroz


By car: A41 motorway left 19 Flaine Carroz

BY train: Cluses train station stop then shuttle from Cluses to les Carroz

By plane: Geneva airport then buses or train to Cluses,

Links Cluses /les Carroz by shuttles


Prevent your guide per hour of the appointment to the 00 33 (0)6 85 02 37 00


Possible Lodging in les Carroz, lists hotels and lodgings available to the tourist bureau of les Carroz such: 00 33 (0)4 50 90 00 04

DATES 2006 :

From 05/27 to 05/28,

From 06/03 to 06/04,

From 06/10 to 06/11,

From 06/17 to 06/18,

From 06/24 to 06/25.

RATE : 132 euros per person

The rate includes/understands: the guiding by a bilingual graduated mountain leader, all the meals, the groundsheet, the material of heating of the meals, displacement (and return) up to the meeting point of the excursion.

The rate does not include/understand: the sleeping bag, the energetic food and drinks and in general all that is not noted in the heading the "rate includes/understands"